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7 Products

Easily fix up your old, worn-out zippers with the help of replacement YKK® zipper stops from Sailrite®. These are the components found at the top of a zipper that keeps the slider from running off the zipper track. Sailrite stocks zipper stops in #5 and #10 sizes to meet your particular needs, with both Coil and VISLON® options available. YKK® Zipper Top Stops are small, metal pieces that you can bend over the teeth of your zipper. They can be added after sewing if you want to remove the zipper slider while sewing.

You’ll find in-depth instructions on how to install a zipper stop on each one of our product listings. Please note that you will need a pair of wire cutters and needle-nose pliers for installation. If you want to repair a broken zipper top without the need for any extra pieces, make sure to reference this how-to guide which outlines how you can repair zipper stops via other methods, such as sewing on scrap fabric or cutting and melting extra teeth using a hotknife. Sailrite is always available to help you determine which method is best for your project.

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